AriaBlogs: I like VIDEO GAMES

As some of you know, I’ve been working on a web comic, Backup, for quite some time now. It is an LGBT, college, humor comic that I have a ton of fun with. Even though it does not update as frequently as it used to, I am picking it up again and will be updating pages soon.

In other news, another web comic will be added to AriaBlarg.TV soon. I like VIDEO GAMES, a comic based on AriaBlarg+Friends and video games in general, will be four panel comic strips. Unlike Backup, I like VIDEO GAMES will not follow a linear story, but instead have each strip be it’s own. Character design is still being worked on, with updates showing on twitter at @ariablarg. I will probably start the comic before having a set design for everyone, because my art often changes as I go, and I think this will give it a chance to develop without needing the same look on page 50 as it was on page 1.

I hope you guys enjoy! More updates to come!

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I’ve been playing games since I can remember, with a nerdy older brother to show me the ropes as well as encouraging parents. My parents at first were worried about me playing games at a young age, but soon found that the more I played games, my reading comprehension grew stronger in school. Even though I love video games, I love living my life especially! Going out, spending times with friends and family, exercising, drawing, and studying to go to nursing school someday. But you can’t forget the video games!!

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