Mar 03


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Aria Blarg’s Gaming Deets!!

Here are a few of Aria Blarg’s Friend Codes and Accounts, so you fellow BlargNauts can play with Aria on or off-stream!

MKWii: 4082-8320-3526
3DS: 2105-8871-5819
3DS MK7 Community: 35-2702-7611-0174 (Blargnation)
PSN: Blargstation3
XBL: Aria Blarg
Dragon Nest: Aria Blarg (Server: Holywood)

Happy Gaming!! <3



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  1. Alankyo

    Hey Aria let’s be 3DS friends. Add me! 0903-2839-4978

  2. masterniles

    Added your 3DS Aria, feel free to add me if ya like. 2836-0303-2835

  3. Brandon Duncan

    I added your 3DS Aria,Please fell free to add me, my friend code is: 0259-1318-1112

  4. ChainofChane

    Hi Aria Chain Here Heres my Friend Code for Wii :) Cant wait itll u get ur 3DS Capture and do your Harvest Mooning :)
    3DS Friend Code


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