Mar 13


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Fanart of Aria’s Obsession with Cthulhu_the_3rd! New trend #AriaxCthulhu

For those that don’t know, the new joke around the AriaBlarg+Friends community is that I’m my favorite caster’s, twitch.tv/cthulhu_the_3rd, biggest creeper. This has inspired some recent fanart! This one was designed by Zwiki!

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I’ve been playing games since I can remember, with a nerdy older brother to show me the ropes as well as encouraging parents. My parents at first were worried about me playing games at a young age, but soon found that the more I played games, my reading comprehension grew stronger in school.
Even though I love video games, I love living my life especially! Going out, spending times with friends and family, exercising, drawing, and studying to go to nursing school someday. But you can’t forget the video games!!

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