Jul 13

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We reached our goal!!!


As you may or may not know if you were tuned into aria’s most recent stream, we have some very exciting news to announce concerning our Pax Prime chip in that we have been doing for the past few months.  Our goal was to raise 4,000 dollars, and today, we finally reached that goal thanks to the efforts of all of you wonderful Blargnauts!  We will be doing a giveaway at 4k, but there will be more details released on that in the very near future.  For now though, all of us at AriaBlarg + Friends just really want to thank you for all of the support that you have given, especially Blargnaut FelipeBar, who donated the last 500 once all of you wonderful folks made it to 3,500.  Once again, we just want to thank you very much, and stay tuned to the site as we will be announcing details for the 4k very soon.

Happy Gaming!


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  1. Filipe Barroqueiro (Filipebar in chat)

    Happy to do it,

  2. Lucario

    Felipe kicks ass! Thanks for the donations, fellow Blargnauts!

  3. Nick P (@TheHakku)

    😉 Go to PAX Prime!

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