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Jan 22


Coffee Stain Studios unleashes “A Story About My Uncle” on Steam!

Coffee Stain Studios, creators of the popular Sanctum Series, have teamed up with Gone North Games to bring you a new platforming title in 2014!  Cutting out the violence and explosive action and gore of most of today’s games, ASAMU creates a much more immersive experience by encouraging players to explore their environments and progress the story arc. Using the effects of the juggernaut of an engine that is Unreal, this games promises to satiate ANY and ALL of the players needs for amazing graphics, smooth gameplay, and unmatched responsiveness.

ASAMU is still in development, and so the company is very secretive about just how much of the game it reveals to the public. As of now, they’re telling of a story in which a young boy ventures forth to find his lost uncle, but in true Alice In Wonderland fashion, he stumbles into a world of pure imagination and wonder. Fantasy intertwines with reality to create an environment that only the most creative minds could muster up.

ASAMU is extremely motion-centric, encouraging the player to use the smooth and brisk movement to explore every nook and cranny of its fantastic maps.  A grappling-hook style of movement is going to be your greatest asset as you traverse the landscape like a modern day Spiderman in a world no less whimsical than Narnia itself!

“Concept Art of the Young Boy Protagonist”

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Jan 21


Loadout! release Jan 31st!


Good news for anyone looking for an outlet for their anger! “Loadout!” is a game featuring rage-ridden characters with an overabundance of testosterone roaming the map just BEGGING for a face to cave in! You like guns? Good, you’re gonna need that. There are lots of them. Lots and lots of them. And a near limitless amount of combinations, creating a vast array of death all at your disposal!

Got a friend you’re having frequent blows with? Fire up this game and take out your frustration on their skulls with more ways to kill them than most people can even imagine.  And the weapon customization system is so incredibly diverse, that there is basically NO WAY you can’t kill someone in an over-the-top, extremely satisfying fashion!

And don’t go thinking your tank of a character is gonna be a bulky, slow moving bullet shield. This game has a HEAVY focus on mobility. They really want chaos to reign supreme in each and every multiplayer match. Think about it. You could have an army of soldiers, all equipped to the ears with chain guns, rocket launchers, lasers, and grenades.  And now all of those soldiers have 40-yd dash times that would make a Speed-fueled Olympic sprinter blush.

That, my friends, is a recipe for chaos. And a hell of a lot of fun.

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Status update


Howdy y’all! Ransom aka Aria’s squeeze here, back with a vengeance! We’re planning on picking the site back up full steam ahead to bring YOU the coverage you deserve of the newest and hottest news in gaming! Of course we’ll have our fair share of throwback pieces to keep even the most jaded gamer happy as well!  With us expecting Baby Arsom into the ranks soon, naturally we’re keeping ourselves busy, but are planning on keeping you all up to date!  So buckle up kiddies, it’s gonna be a WILD RIDE.

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Jul 25


Speed Demo Archives Presents: Summer Games Done Quick

The boys and girls with the need for speed are back once again for another exciting edition of the annual summer event known as Summer Games Done Quick. Ran by Speed Demo Archives, SGDQ brings together all of Twitch’s speedrunners such as Siglemic and Cosmowright underneath one roof to speedrun some of the most well known and some obscure titles in the name of charity. Running from the 25th to the 29th, SDA will be playing for Doctors Without Borders/Medecin Sans Frontiers (MSF) an organization that works in nearly 70 countries providing medical aid to those most in need regardless of their race, religion, or political affiliation.


You can find them over on their Twitch channel live where you can find all the information you need such as the schedule and the all important donate button. The staff here wish each speedrunner the best of luck in getting the World Record or a new Personal Best for the game they play while raising money for such a fantastic charity.

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Jul 22


BlargTV: Nintendo Deals for You!

Wellllcome fellow BlargNauts to another exciting addition of BlargTV. It’s the only place where you can learn alllll of the latest deals to get the most bang for your buck. And boy oh boy, do we have some amazing deals to tell you about from the world of Nintendo!

Want an easy $10? From now til July 28th, all you gotta do is add some funds to your Nintendo eShop account. Then on August 4th, you’ll get an email with the promo code and bam ten dollars for you to spend courtesy of Nintendo! It’s that easy ladies and gentlemen!




For those who are lucky enough to be in the exclusive Club Nintendo, this is a final shoutout to you all. Register New Super Luigi U DLC by August 1st and earn DOUBLE the coins! By doing so, you’ll also be entered to win a special Luigi pin to continue the celebration of Year of Luigi.









Is Nintendo going bananas? We think so with this next amazing offer! In continuation with the 30th Anniversary of the Nintendo Entertainment System (Famicon) the original Donkey Kong will be up for grabs for just the low, low price of 30 cents! Don’t wait too long though, the promotion only lasts for 30 days until the next game comes up.







If you didn’t believe Nintendo is going bananas with their deals, then this announcement will make you a believer! From now until August 19th, you can enter daily in the Game and Go sweepstakes where you can win Nintendo 3DS prizes along with the Grand Prize: a 2013 Dodge Grand Caravan, Journey or Durango plus a WiiU Deluxe with games to go with. 






And of course, what kind of broadcast would this be without some upcoming gaming news? With August closing in, Nintendo is gearing up for the tidal wave of releases with a few of their own. Pikmin 3 will be the next hard hitting title coming to the market that’ll surely sway some hearts to the WiiU side on August 4th. Meanwhile, Disney’s Planes will be out on August 6th where you can continue the story-line beyond the film.


That’s all the news we have for this broadcast. Tune in next time on BlargTV, the only place where you can learn alll of the latest deals to get the most bang for your buck! Kyon out.

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Jul 21


Behold! The Wonder That is San Diego Comic-Con Final Day

Well, another year of the strange and the awesome has came and went. With hype surrounding this year’s Comic Con for what we could look forward to next such as Avatar: The Legend of Korra for example, we think this year’s convention did pretty damn well! As always, we got a little bit of everything and a whole lot of fun throughout the past four days. Thus, this is the final installation of the Official BlargNaut Swag Report until next Comic Con! Don’t be sad though, we’ll be back next time with PAX Prime! Again, we like to thank everyone that has uploaded videos and pictures so that we may show the experience that is Comic Con 2013.



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Jul 20


Behold! The Wonder that is San Diego Comic-Con Day 3

Comic Con is almost over, but that doesn’t mean you have to pack up the fun just yet! It’s only the end of Day 3 and the con is still going strong with another full day of excitement and fun left.



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