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Jul 31


What Really Happened To Blue’s Raticate In Pokémon Red!

This is the greatest thing I’ve seen all week, and I really don’t know why. Is it because I’m tired? Am I just crazy? I don’t know.. Either way, this is the greatest Pokemon interpretation I’ve seen in a while.

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Jul 24


Narrowed down some emotes. Name ideas?

We are THINKING of submitting SOME of these faces for subscribers on our show. What do you guys think would be good names for them? Hate all of them? Suggest another face here.







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Jul 23


We got a Subscriber Button!

Woooooh!! We got a subscriber button on our show! What does this mean? You can now subscribe to our channel for $4.99 a month to participate in secret future giveaways, and access to emoticons! One issue..We don’t have any sub-only emoticons yet hahaha. I plan on sending in five to be CONSIDERED. I just goofed around with a bunch of ideas, these are not edited really so they are very rough ideas! Comment if you like any of these OR if you have a screenshot or an image you want considered! Trying to decide between silly faces or a Blarg Rainbow..

Thank you everyone for your support <3














bearblargtry blargpurple mishablargemoticonjasonblargbuffaloblarg

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Jul 22


Today on AriaBlarg’s stream.. Tech issues fixed, so more SMTIV!

I’m so sorry for all the tech issues recently! I’m hoping that we were able to fix the most recent one. We use a usb for our 3ds capture device, but we were having an issue with the usb in the computer last week. Over the weekend we think we fixed it though! So.. BRING ON MORE SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI IV!

Come watch the show here! We are starting the show at 2pm EDT!

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Jul 20


Behold! The Wonder that is San Diego Comic-Con Day 3

Comic Con is almost over, but that doesn’t mean you have to pack up the fun just yet! It’s only the end of Day 3 and the con is still going strong with another full day of excitement and fun left.



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Jul 19


Behold! The Wonder that is San Diego Comic-Con Day 1 and 2

Hello fellow BlargNauts, as you know, San Diego Comic-Con is ongoing! Plenty of BlargNauts and many others are there enjoying everything it has to offer! You could call this the Official BlargNaut Swag Report of everything that is going on brought to you from other BlargNauts or from the internet itself. We like to thank everyone that has uploaded videos and images to share so that we may show off the wonderful experience that is San Diego Comic-Con.

I love the surprises that come with Comic-Con!- AriaBlarg

What I like about Comic Con is the Cosplay- Serra, writer

I enjoy the news about upcoming game releases, as well as the superhero film news – AidenPhenix, writer


Check out the SDCC gallery!

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Jul 12


Shin Megami Tensei IV’s Navarre hates Filthy Casuals

After our first look today into SMTIV, I have to say.. My favorite character of all is Navarre. He’s an upperclass “luxerer” with hate of the lower class “casualries”. I love characters the most that are the most fun to hate. With how much he makes fun of me for being casualry, my entire playthrough so far all I can imagine is him calling me a filthy casual gamer.

Also, his freaking face gets to me every good.

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