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Aug 15


New Humble Weekly Bundle by Pewdiepie

humblebundleSo for anyone who watches any game related videos on Youtube, I’m sure you have heard of PewDiePiePewDiePie is one of the most popular video makers on Youtube, in which he makes videos of him playing a myriad of video games, horror and indie games being the most common. With being popular he has ended up working with other big names. This time the big name just so happens to be the Humble Bundle.

For those who don’t know, the Humble Bundle is a website that offers a bunch of games and you choose the price. The money you pay is then split between the developers and charity, and you get to choose how it gets split. They have made a lot of money for charity and have had many different bundles since it started. They even do a new bundle every week called the Humble Weekly Bundle and that is the theme of the latest bundle.

This Humble Weekly Bundle are all games specifically chosen by PewDiePie and all the money goes to his charity, charity: water, which is for non-profit clean water advocates. Pay any amount that you want and receive Botanicula, McPixel (also for android), Thomas was Alone, and The Showdown Effect (Steam Only). You also get the soundtracks to these games. If you pay $1 or more you will get Steam codes for each of those games. If you pay more than the average amount you also get Amnesia: The Dark Descent and the soundtrack.

Now is a great time to pick up some amazing games while also supporting a great charity.


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Jul 30


This Humble Bundle Has a (Deep) Silver Lining

The Humble Bundle, easily the most widely known provider of discount game bundles outside of the Steam Sale, has returned once more. This time around, the Humble crew are offering a selection of games published by Deep Silver, including a few familiar faces from their much-lauded Humble THQ Bundle a few months prior.

Those who contribute the base price of a dollar receive Steam codes for Volition’s Saints Row 2 and Saints Row The Third, giving players ample opportunity to get caught up with the Saints Row series before the fourth installment of the franchise is released in August. Also included at the base level are Risen 2: Dark Waters, a pirate adventure steeped in role-playing elements, and the gold edition of Sacred 2, a top-down hack-and-slash.


If a contributor beats the average price, they are upgraded to a complete version of Saints Row the Third that includes all of the game’s downloadable content. Additionally, they will receive the Game of the Year edition of Deep Silver’s signature take on a zombie holiday, Dead Island. Even bigger spenders can pay $25 or more to get all of these games along with the recently released sequel Dead Island: Riptide at a deep discount to its normal retail price.

As if the games weren’t enough of an enticement, several of the games in this Humble Bundle come with their respective soundtracks. OSTs for Saints Row the Third, Risen 2, and Sacred 2 are all included at the base level, with the Dead Island: Riptide soundtrack being thrown in for those who purchase the full package. The Humble Bundle has a habit of adding even more games to sweeten the deal before a bundle wraps up, so we have until August 13, 2013 to see what else is thrown into the mix.

Donors to the Humble Bundle have the power to decide where their money goes. Funds can be assigned to the games’ developers, charity efforts such as Child’s Play and the American Red Cross, and even the Humble crew themselves to help foster future bundles and their side project, the Humble Weekly Sale.

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Jul 25


Speed Demo Archives Presents: Summer Games Done Quick

The boys and girls with the need for speed are back once again for another exciting edition of the annual summer event known as Summer Games Done Quick. Ran by Speed Demo Archives, SGDQ brings together all of Twitch’s speedrunners such as Siglemic and Cosmowright underneath one roof to speedrun some of the most well known and some obscure titles in the name of charity. Running from the 25th to the 29th, SDA will be playing for Doctors Without Borders/Medecin Sans Frontiers (MSF) an organization that works in nearly 70 countries providing medical aid to those most in need regardless of their race, religion, or political affiliation.


You can find them over on their Twitch channel live where you can find all the information you need such as the schedule and the all important donate button. The staff here wish each speedrunner the best of luck in getting the World Record or a new Personal Best for the game they play while raising money for such a fantastic charity.

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Jul 25


Mech Warrior Online Honors 5-Year Old Gamer

There’s any number of great examples of gamers and their generous hearts, but none perhaps as poignant as this week’s endeavor by Piranha Games. The studio behind Mech Warrior Online, based in Vancouver BC Canada recently became aware of one of their fans — a 5 year old girl with terminal brain cancer — who played the game with their father. The dad, posting on the community’s forums, invited other players to visit her daughter, ill with a terminal brain tumour, who was in a hospital in the Vancouver area. Sadly, Sarah lost her battle to cancer earlier in May.

Sarah's Mech

Moved by the story, Piranha Games wrote up a small memorial for the young gamer and was immediately overwhelmed with requests by fellow players for a way to donate to the family and to cancer research. It took only a few weeks to design “Sarah’s Mech” and launch it for players to use for 10$ — all of which goes towards the Canadian Cancer society. Decorated with all the things a five year old would love — balloons, rainbows, teddy bears, flags and more — it seems everyone has fallen in love with both the cause and the mech, raising over $50,000 with no signs of stopping.

Sarah’s family has been both stunned and buoyed by the outpouring of support during Sarah’s hospital stays and again after her passing. For more information, to see the current fundraising total, or to purchase Sarah’s Mech for Mech Warrior Online, please visit

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Jul 16


ONOG Presents eBay Esports for Charity With Curse and EG


Pg6NYSeems like a lot is happening within the world of Esports as of late. With the announcement of the World Finals, the upcoming Gamescom International Wildcard tournament and the fact that the LCS summer split is already halfway done, players are certainly feeling the burn to do better and get those all important wins. Given all the upcoming events and the pressure to succeed, you’d think the players would be solely focused on making it to the World Finals.


Confirmed on Saintvicious’ stream (post rather), One Nation of Gamers and eBay will be teaming up with Curse, Evil Geniuses and Root Gaming for charity. Set up as a 1v1 tournament, players from Curse and Evil Geniuses will compete against each other, each representing their favorite charity. Throughout the event, they’ll be auctioning off keyboards, collectibles from past gaming events, mice, signed jerseys and more. The winner of the 1v1 tournament will have all funds raised be donated to the charity they chose to represent.


Along with the funds raised, eBay has offered to donate up to $5000 if we, the fans, can show them a ton of new listings and activity on their new “My Gadgets” tool. You can show support by tweeting the pros and who you think will win by using the #ebaycharitygg. The tournament will be hosted by Curse’s Saintvicious and Evil Geniuses’ Snoopeh on July 24th at 8:00 PM EDT on ONOG’s stream.  More information about the set up and which charity the players chose to represent can be found here.


Personally, I hope Voyboy wins it all as he represents St. Jude’s Children Research hospital, a hospital I had to go to often as a child growing up.



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Jul 18


The League of Extraordinary Gamers Week-Long Charity Marathon for EveryMan

 Hello fellow BlargNauts, KitsuneKyon here. As you guys may know, July is sometimes referred to as one of the best times of ones summer break. These summer days can manifest themselves in many different ways, but they all end up with BlargNauts having bunches of fun without the vices of school.  One thing is for certain, though, we all strive for our summer breaks to be something that we’ll always remember.

That being said, one can also say that summer around Twitch is best known as charity streaming season,which encompasses not only larger groups, but also single casters, who all throw their hats into the ring in order to fight for something much more noble than princesses in castles. As you may know, we at support these charity ventures, and we like to get involved in any way possible, yet our favorite method is by participating in the charity marathons that the twitch community provides.

I’m proud to announce here on that starting July 22nd,The League of Extraordinary Gamers will present their second annual week-long summer charity marathon for EveryMan. EveryMan, if you do not know, is a UK based charity ran by one of the world’s most influential cancer research institutes, The Institute of Cancer Research. The Everyman chapter of this Institute is dedicated to the research and cure of prostate and testicular cancer, two of the main cancers that effect men worldwide.

As of today, prostate cancer has overtaken lung cancer to become the most common cancer found in men. Statistics show that one in six men will get prostate cancer during their lifetime, with risks of having it increasing between ages 40-80. In addition, about 41,000 men in the UK are diagnosed yearly with prostate cancer and similarly 150,000 men in the US are diagnosed.

Testicular cancer, on the other hand, primarily affects younger men, and is the most common cancer found in men aged 15-44. Since 1975, the incidence of this cancer has more than doubled yet the reasons for this and what causes this cancer are still not known. About 2000 UK men are diagnosed with this cancer yearly and similarly 8,590 men in the US are diagnosed.

With that said, this marathon will feature a large number of very amazing caters, including our very own Aria and Kashi! The goal for this marathon will be to raise 10K or more within the span of a week/until chip-in ends.

You can watch and donate to the marathon over at: or for full viewing experience:

If you like to learn more about EveryMan and the cancers they research: and similarly The Institute of Cancer Research UK’s chapter:

So let’s go out there and help men everywhere, BlargNauts!


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Feb 23


This is how people donate to charity events without a credit card..

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