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Aug 06

Serra Niva

Beatbuddy: Tale of the Guardians Now Available

01 PAX East 2013 Wolf and Beatbuddy dancingReverb Publishing announced today that the Award-winning Indie game Beatbuddy: Tale of the Guardians launches today! With an underwater music-adventure theme, Beatbuddy uniquely combines striking 2D hand-painted artwork with a challenging puzzle-platforming gameplay that is synchronized to the rhythm of vibrant music from world-renowned artists.

THREAKS has created an experience that encourages players to “play to the beat” of the music in order to complete the various challenges.  They have utilized the patent-pending sound technology that syncs in-game animations and environmental elements with the rhythm (check out the teaser trailer that breaks down each sound and showcases these animations). Featuring tunes composed by hot trending DJs and musician including Parov Stelar, Sabrepulse and  Grammy-nominated composer Austin Wintory (Journey, Monaco, flOw).

“Beatbuddy is the exact experience we wanted to deliver,” said Wolf Lang, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of THREAKS. “What started as a student project to sync sound in an innovative, engaging video game has become a completely new way to experience music and gameplay together. On behalf of the THREAKS team, we hope that players have a blast as they explore the mystical world of Symphonia.”

At GDC 2013, Wolf Lang continues to talk about awards, ‘Best Art’ and ‘Best Sound’ in Intel’s 2012 Level Up Game Demo Contest, Beatbuddy: Tale of the Guardians has won. Beatbuddy: Tale of the Guardians tells a story of an ethereal, blue creature that goes by the name of Beatbuddy. He is awoken from his eternal slumber in order to save the world of Symphonia, with the help of vibrant characters he encounters on his quest through a series of worlds. They aid him as he opens paths and solve puzzles on his journey to preventing losing musical freedom forever to Prince Maestro.

Developed by THREAKS and published by Reverb Publishing, Beatbuddy: Tale of the Guardians is available at suggested retail price of $14.99. In celebration of the game’s release, Beatbuddy is 10% off on Steam for a limited time.

To stay updated on the latest game announcements, check out Beatbuddy: Tale of the Guardians’ Facebook page, the jocular THREAKS News show that has been giving me loads of laughs on YouTube  (your mom is calling) and follow the development team on Twitter.


Watch the Beatbuddy Release Trailer below.




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Aug 06

Serra Niva

Divinity: Dragon Commander Out Now!

Oh baby, we’ve been pumped for the strategy game where we all can turn into epic dragons with jet packs and now the wait is over! Larian Studios is excited to put you into the seat of a dragon (or enjoy a more sideline point of view) with highly anticipated Divinity: Dragon Commander.  

The developers have been pleased with early reviews, so be sure to stop by and take a gander at our own review of the game. Just go go go go! See why the game is number one on Steam already! The game is  now available on Steam,, GamesGate, the Larian Vault and physical retailers in certain territories for $39.99.


 Watch the highly informative and oh-so-sweet launch trailer on YouTube.

Or to watch two Larian Staff members go head-to-head in multiplayer combat head over to here.

ORRRR to get a glance at the Interactive Politics in the game head over here.

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Jul 29


New Characters Announced for Lego Marvel Superheroes

The Lego series of games has become incredibly popular since Lego Star Wars released in 2005, and has become one of my favorite series to play due to the humor, versatility and replay-ability of each of the games in the series. Lego Marvel Superheroes, slated to release this fall on all platforms is shaping up to be no different.

Lego Marvel Superheroes will feature an original story spanning the entire Marvel Universe, offering tons of Marvel styled action and adventure. Players will take their favorite superheroes on the journey to stop Loki and tons of other villains from destroying the world, as the superheroes travel through Manhattan, visit the X-mansion, as well as even going so far as to explore Asteroid M.


Keeping in the habit of using tons of characters in their games, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has released screenshots of 4 characters that will be seen In game. Jean Grey (also known as the Phoenix), Silver Samurai, Viper, and none other than The Wolverine himself. The Developers have stated that Wolverine will come with his signature Adamantium claws, healing factor and tough guy attitude that Wolverine is so well known for. Not much is known about mechanics for the others, but it’s assumed they’ll be playable in some form.

So sharpen your claws and practice your accent, because you’ll be telling the bad guys “So long bub” when everyone gets their hands on wolverine as the game releases this fall. Also feel free to take a look at this slideshow to see the screenshots that were released of the new characters.


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Jul 24


School’s in Session with Shy and Flame

This-Week-In-ELO-HELLHello fellow BlargNauts, do you ever wish you had the secrets of the pros? Do you ever wish you knew what the hell it is they do to survive and climb YoloQ? Or hell, just want to know why the Korean scene plays so damn well?! Well, we do and we just enrolled in the best school available to teach it all to us!


Good guys Shy from CJ Entus Frost and sister teammate Flame from Blaze, with the help of OGN are opening a virtual school in the summer! Entitled LoL Summer LESSON, the two most recognizable and respected top laners of the world will be doing this video series throughout the summer, along with their team, teaching you how to play various aspects of the game (champions, lanes, counters, team comps, ect). With the popularity and intrigue in OGN’s Champions, the company has subtitled the series in English for fans like us!


This is a great chance for an inside look at how and why the Koreans play the way they do. Not to mention this is another step further for all regions to enter into the World Meta and do their part to help develop it, which is good for us all as players and fans.



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Jul 20


Behold! The Wonder that is San Diego Comic-Con Day 3

Comic Con is almost over, but that doesn’t mean you have to pack up the fun just yet! It’s only the end of Day 3 and the con is still going strong with another full day of excitement and fun left.



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Jul 19


Assassin’s Creed in Comic Form!

With everything that is Comic-Con, you’d expect some form of comic news right? I mean, it’s the basis of the entire convention itself, especially having it in its name! With all the video games, movies and TV shows taking the limelight during the con, sometimes we just like to settle down and read a good ol’ fashioned comic book. The boys and girls at Ubisoft seem to agree.


Today, Ubisoft announced the latest iteration of the Assassin’s Creed franchise. No, it’s not a game, or even a live-action TV show, but rather, the next installment of the comic book series! Assassin’s Creed: Brahman features another of Desmond’s descendent, Arbaaz Mir in his homeland of India who fights a lifelong foe who has subjugated Mir’s land and people. Written by Brendan Fletcher and art by Cameron Stewart and Karl Kerschl (who have worked on the previous comic iterations) it’s yet another wonderful addition to the Assassin’s Creed universe.  There’s no known release date at the moment, but here’s a little something to get you hyped when it eventually does!



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Jul 15


World Wrestling Entertainment Goes Ultimate!

ultimatewarrior0142Throughout the unique history of professional wrestling, we’ve been graced with some amazing and wacky things. From wrestling’s greats like Bruno Sammartino to the flamboyant characters like Heart Break Kid Shawn Michaels and to the downright silly like Doink the Clown. One thing is for sure, wrestling has always been about the fine art of telling a story while being these larger than life characters. This was especially prevalent in the 80’s and 90’s compared to today’s stars.

With characters like these throughout the ages, fans continued to keep legacies alive and celebrate them, adding their own chapter to it in the WWE video game franchise. Fans around the world can rejoice with 2K Sports’ announcement of the emphatic return of perhaps one of the greatest legacies in professional wrestling: The Ultimate Warrior. Making his long-awaited début after retiring from the world of professional wrestling,  the self-professed “Founding Father of Life Intensity” will be returning to the ring virtually in the latest installment with WWE 2K14.



When approached by the team to be apart of the running 13 year-long series, he had this to say:

 “Immortality is inspiration, pure and simple. An example to others that they, too, can do things larger than the life they are actually living nad Ultimate Warrior was the pure embodiment of this belief, in what has proven to be a very attention-getting and inspiring way. It was my good fortune to be his creator and performer and I am humbled by all those fans who’ve not only kept his legacy alive, but deepened it over time. In WWE 2K14, Ultimate Warrior’s creed, ‘Always Believe’, lives on.”

You can become the Ultimate Warrior as a pre-order exclusive offer at participating game retailers. The game will launch on October 29th for North America and November 1st internationally for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

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