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Oct 02



I’m a gamer. I’ve always been a gamer. I expect some day to keel over dead, a controller clutched firmly in my gnarled fingers, trying to finish one last level, quest, or gather that last bit of experience. A macabre visual perhaps, but I want to be clear gaming is part of my life and isn’t going away any time soon.
About a year ago, I received a hand-me-down iPhone. It’s a couple of models old, and there’s no phone plan attached to it, so it’s a glorified portable gaming machine to me, and that’s how I’ve always treated it. When I go out the door, the last minute bag check includes phone, keys, bus pass, 3DS, and iPhone. Off I go out into the big wide world.

A friend recently compiled a report for university which broke down each of their gamers’ habits into not just how much they played, but how much of WHAT they played. It’s no surprise I was in the highest saturation category (40 hours or more per week) but what startled me is realizing I play around 5-7 hours per week of iOS games. I got curious and did some quick math: though I essentially wasn’t playing any iPhone games in May, June, or July, by October 2012 I’d clocked approximately 125 hours into iOS games.

I literally had to lift my hands from the keyboard and stare at that figure. 120+?! SERIOUSLY?! It pales in comparison to the time I’ve spent playing MMOs (300ish). Still….did I really play one hundred plus hours of PHONE GAMES? I flipped back to my list of 2012 completed games to start counting.

  • I finished 10000000 with a final score of over 14 million. It took me about 8 hours.
  • Completed all the current Backyard Bounce levels with nearly all 3 stars. That took me at least 5 hours.
  • I conquered Dungeon Village twice. That’s ten hours between the two, 6 and 4.
  • Kairosoft quickly became a favourite developer of mine, and I finished Pocket Story League twice. That’s also ten hours between the two, 6 and 4.
  • I replayed Plants vs Zombies on an iPad. That’s 4-6 hours.
  • Despite the fact I finished it on both DS and 360, I played through Puzzle Quest. IT’S A GOOD GAME, OKAY? 15 hours.
  • I slapped down Saturday Morning RPG: Episode 1 a couple of times, 4 hours.
  • Tri-ducking almost every currently available level in Where’s My Water took about 7 hours. I didn’t find Where’s My Perry as fun, so I quit after less than 2 hours.
  • Ribbited over all 60 levels in Zuma’s Revenge, which took perhaps 5 hours. While I failed some of the normal levels 2 times at most, I didn’t fail on any boss levels. Woo!
  • I also shot off a quick completion of Peggle, which took about 2 hours.
  • Puzzle Craft, a Match 3 / Builder hybrid took about 8 hours.

That’s about 70 hours. This doesn’t even count the time I’ve sunk into Fairway Golf (get it, cause like, golf…), Tiny Tower, Pocket Planes, Dragonvale, Draw Something, and my current game, Flow Free — which I’ve sunk a good 10 hours into (I’ve completed over 1000 of the 1300 pipe puzzles).

My home screen: It’s filled with games, with few tools.

I’m a gamer. But now I’m also a “casual gamer.” Can I be a hardcore casual gamer? I’m still thinking about it, but I think we may see a new breed of gamers rising in a very short period of time.

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Jul 10


Creepy Pasta T-shirt Giveaway

The gaze that stares into your soul

Recently, on a BlargNation podcast, we discussed the topic of creepypastas and ARGs. Something you might know about the AriaBlarg.TV staff, is WE LOVE WEIRD STUFF. We constantly share creepypastas and ARGs with each other, and love the thrill of getting spooked.

Creepy pasta: ruining childrens shows since the dawn of time

Never heard of a creepypasta? They’re basically creepy stories written on the internet that is copied and pasted (pasta) around. A lot of the time, they can center around a made up individual (such as Slenderman and The Rake) or they can be about your favorite cartoons or video games growing up (Squidward, Ben story involving Majora’s Mask).

As for ARGs, they stand for Alternate Reality Games. It’s an online game that people can participate in, and help solve the puzzles and may include real-life challenges. As awesome as these are..WE WANT THE SCARY ONES! Give us some Slenderman! Give us some Rake! Let’s get scary!


So now Blargnauts, we want YOU to spook us! Find us your creepiest creepypasta or ARG and you may win a Blargnaut T-shirt!

Rules are simple!

1. Send us your videos, websites, creepypastas in the comments below!
2. Scare us? Get us to not sleep? Win a T-shirt!

Looking forward to seeing what you guys have for us!

We’ll be waiting..

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Zombie Paisley Hello Kitty: BlargNation EP 12

In this podcast episode we talk about Nintendo, Zombies, and Future Features. There are two surprises waiting for us….

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AriaBlarg Highlights!: Aria Be Poppin’ Off with Super Bad Girl Sass

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Blargnation EP 011 We want E4

Well in this podcast we have a zoned out Kashi and more E3 talk this week

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BlargNation Podcast: Insert Pineapple Here EP #10

Interesting podcast to come back to after 3 weeks, with our newest mod and blogger Zoeker


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Blargnation EP 009: 3Derpest

So in this ep we talk about Nintendo stuff and a little bit of business stuff


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