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Oct 24


Nintendo’s Road to the Sochi Olympics

It doesn’t seem like Nintendo is slowing down anytime soon with its partying. After the rather successful Pokemon X/Y launch party, the House of Mario got some fancy invitations by the United States Olympic Community to help kickoff the nationwide Sochi Tour. It’s an event where the pair will celebrate a 100 days while counting down to the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games! Joining them will be the usual pals of Mario and Sonic as well as Jamie Anderson, slopestyle snowboarder and six-time X game medalist to help promote both the new Mario and Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games and the actual thing itself.


On October 29th in New York’s famous Times Square, fans will be able to witness athletic demonstrations on a ski, snowboard ramp, curling, figure skating, speedskating and ice hockey. For those who wish it can be more interactive, Nintendo will be letting fans try out the latest edition of the Mario and Sonic series which comes out November 15th on the Wii U. Nothing says or even promotes competition more than longtime rivals Mario and Sonic who caught the Olympics fever!

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Oct 08


Party With Nintendo Pokemon Style!


It isn’t a party without Nintendo as they say. This has come to be the case throughout the years when the House of Mario gears up for a gigantic release of one of their historic franchises. That being said, Nintendo will be hosting a party this Friday from 8PM-1AM at Nintendo World in New York’s Rockefeller Plaza to celebrate the worldwide release. Some of the festivities include a live stage with a costume showcase, taking photos with Pokemon mascot Pikachu, a gaming lounge to play with other fellow trainers, and of course, being able to purchase the game! Get ready to catch em all again, this time in style!

The sixth generation of Pokemon will take place within the France inspired Kalos region where you’ll catch, train and battle both new and familiar Pokemon. And as the new fashion capital in the Pokemon world, trainers for the first time will be able to be fully customizable with a variety of clothes, accessories and even haircuts! You’ll also be able to explore the rolling meadows, high cliffs, deep caves and unique towns and cities of the Kalos region all upon your new rollerskates/blades.


As per the course,  trainers will be able to choose from one of three starters of Fire, Water and Grass in the forms of Fennekin, Froakie and Chespin. But that isn’t the only difficult choice you have to make. Trainers will also be able to choose from the original starters of Charmander Bulbasaur or Squirtle to accompany them on their journey! The choice to build your perfect team only gets harder with the debut of the new Fairy type, a new typing since the second generation of Gold/Silver/Crystal.


Besides new animation and beautiful visuals, Pokemon X and Y will debut a variety of new features. One such feature is the much hyped Mega Evolutions where a Pokemon can go Super Saiyan so to speak. Another is the new Horde Encounters which pits you against multiple Pokemon, an upgrade from the dual wild battles of the previous generation. The next two known features are Pokemon Amie in where you can pet, feed and play games with your Pokemon to forge a stronger bond with. The other is the new Player Search System or PSS where it makes it even easier for players to connect, battle and trade with others across the globe!


Pokemon X and Y will be debuting worldwide October 12th for the Nintendo 3DS.

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Sep 27


Magic: The Gathering and eSports on Twitch This Weekend

If you are looking for something to watch this weekend and you’ve got nowhere else to look to, we have a few events on Twitch this weekend that you will definitely need to look into. has some really stellar content and live-streamers that can only be found on, so here are the three events that are exclusive this weekend on Twitch.



If you are interested in eSports, then Saturday September 28th, you will definitely want to check out the coverage of WCG Canada, the biggest Canadian eSports event. During the weekend, participants will compete for 35k in prizes in Cross Fire, World of Tanks, and Starcraft II; In addition League of Legends will also be played as a promotional game. The streams start on Saturday September 28th at 11 AM PST, and Sunday September 29th at 9 AM PT, so check it out on the WCG Canada Twitch channel this weekend for awesome competitive action.




If you prefer a more one on one fighting game experience, check out the coverage of Canada Cup 2013, which started September 27th, and will continue on through Sunday, September 29th. Check out the Canada Cup Twitch channel as players compete for the fighting game Canada cup, which will only be won through fierce competition.






Lastly, the Magic: the Gathering Star City Games tournament  continues in Worchester MA this weekend, in which top Magic: the Gathering players will compete for 20k in cash prizes. Coverage begins on Saturday September 28th, and will continue through Sunday September 29th. Check out the Star City Games Live twitch channel to tune into the fierce competition between these top Magic: The Gathering players.


With these 3 events happening this weekend on Twitch, there is plenty for all e-sports and competition lovers to enjoy. So go on this weekend and check out some of these awesome events, what’re you waiting for?

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Aug 25

Serra Niva

Paradox Interactive Twitch Event

“While the world is enjoying PAX, Paradox Interactive takes you to even colder climates in two upcoming games on their Twitch channel”, states a recent Twitch email. Executive Producer Gordon Von Dyke and Lead Designer David Nisshagen will be showcasing never been streamed before, Magicka: Wizard Wars and another upcoming game, War of the Vikings; which they plan on revealing a new map.  To check out the action head over to Paradox’s Twitch channel on Thursday, August 29 at 8PM CEST and be sure to sign up for the Alpha test on BOTH games (linked above)!


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Aug 22

Serra Niva

Raptr Livestream and Beta Giveaway

I’d like to share a little story before we get into the topic of discussion. Don’t worry it doesn’t take away from Raptr, if anything it just allows you to know just how amazing this “Rawring” company is.

Quick story: Upon going to the Twitch channel to link it in the article I noticed “Broadcaster Raptr” chatting away in the chatbox, so I stop in to say hi. Here is the conversation as follows:

  • Serraniva: Oh hi!
  • Broadcaster Raptr:  Hello!
  • Serraniva: I came here to link the channel in a post I’m writing and wasn’t expecting someone from Raptr to be here.
  • Broadcaster Raptr:  I’m not someone, Serraniva, I am the almighty dino… RAWR!
  • Serraniva: So are you excited about the Raptr livestream tomorrow?
  • Broadcaster Raptr: RAWRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  That means yes in dino.


Now, I have been playing Blizzard games for five years now and was really excited when Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft was announced. I’m not much into strategy card games but this one definitely piqued my interest. I’m not sure about anyone else but for me … I have been trying to get a chance to play this game since the closed beta was announced. It was a no go.  But that’s alright, we ALL get another chance to get into the beta again.

Watch the Raptr livestream August 23 at 1PM PT for a chance to win a beta key. To enter, just tune into the Raptr Twitch channel as they play Divekick,  Saints Row IV and Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. Community Manager LinkSmash and other staffers will be giving away several keys throughout the broadcast so don’t miss out on your chance!


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Aug 17

Serra Niva

Shadow of the Eternals Live Gameplay on Twitch.TV

Shadow of the Eternals has spawned a lot of interesting stories, including our Kickstarter and Artistic Vision posts about the upcoming game. Recently, Chief Creative Officer, Denis Dyack and the Precursor team held a show on Twitch.TV showcasing what players can expect with the gameplay.

If you missed it, don’t fret! The team will be returning Monday, August 19 from 2 – 5PM PST on Precursor’s Twitch channel. The team will be hosting a live game play-through as well as, community chat and discussion. And, who knows? Exclusive insights on Shadow of the Eternals might be revealed. Join them and find out.


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Aug 11

Serra Niva

PAXtravaganza: New Games Highlight

For all gamers alike, PAX  is a place for their favorite announcements and entertainment. On their website, they state that “every year the submissions keep getting better and better.” And with just a short list of the lineup of what to expect, there is sure to be something for everyone.

This year for individuals who enjoy beating a game as quickly as they can, or get pleasure out of beating other peoples scores, their excitment is about to be piqued with the newest item from the No Time To Explain team.  They announce that the competitive multi-player foot-racing platformer, SpeedRunners (developed by DoubleDutch Games), will be available on Steam SOON! How soon? That remains to be known exactly, however, the Early Steam Access will be available sometime around the show.

016For the next game, as usual Guns of Icarus Online will be there showing off their newest content since last year and talking about a MMO-esque world expansion, Adventure Mode. If by some miracle, you haven’t yet heard of Guns of Icarus Online, they describe themselves as a team-based multiplayer online airship combat game. Players can serve as a crew aboard an airship or control the sales as Captain. To stay in the loop, so to speak, like them on Facebook for future news.

Finally, in case you’re a mobile game fan, Battle Camp will be out August 14. Just THREE days away!! If you’re hesitate how a mobile game can be so good, check out the booth at the show to try the game first hand and don’t forget to follow up-to-date news on their Facebook.

While this isn’t the whole lineup, this is just some of the highlights that will surround PAX  goers with many hours of excitement and thrills. Be sure to stop by and let us know what you thought of the games; or PAX.

While registration and badge availability for PAX Prime 2013 is closed/sold out, fans can follow live status updates on PAX theatre lines or follow the official PAX Twitter.

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