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Feb 13


Double Fine’s Spacebase DF-9 Orbits Steam Early Access

One of Double Fine‘s Amnesia Fortnight 2012 projects, Spacebase DF-9, is being built up into a full-fledged game with the help of  Steam’s Early Access program. Originally available solely to Amnesia Fortnight Humble Bundle contributors or the subsequent digital compilation of the Amnesia Fortnight prototypes, the expanded edition of Spacebase DF-9 is growing to include many more features and additional content.  In command of three beings at the start of the game, players must expand their station while dealing with adversity from the cold depths of outer space.

Early alpha access to Spacebase DF-9 costs $25 for a Steam code, with additional tiers of support offering additional benefits up through a $250 “Extradimensional Entity” pack. This bundle entitles the buyer to the game, soundtrack and original prototype version of the game in addition to digital wallpapers, Steam codes for Psychonauts, Costume Quest, and Stacking. Extradimensional Entities also get their name in the credits and on the base citizen name list along with a high-quality poster and signed art print from the game. Lower tiers receive different combinations of some of these benefits as well.

An official wiki for Spacebase DF-9 covers much of the existing in-game content and lore and will see continuous updates as the game develops and evolves. DF-9 project lead JP LeBreton is a more recent hire by Double Fine, having left 2K Games in 2011 to join the San Francisco developer. LeBreton has worked on the first two BioShock games as well as the recent indie darling Gone Home and the forthcoming Double Fine adventure epic, Broken Age.

Source: VG 24/7

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Nov 12


OGN Teases Next Season of Champions Winter

With SKT T1 being crowned Season 3 World Champions and taking the Summoner’s Cup home, the Korean scene is already gearing up for it’s annual season of Champions Winter. Fans of League won’t have to wait long for the next season of professional play (that being Season 4), Champions Winter as tradition is played within the same season. Of course, things will change when Champions Spring comes and the rest of the world officially begins Season 4 of League of Legends. That being said, OGN released a tease trailer to what looks like another of their highly anticipated openings!


Champions Winter will begin November 15th at the usual 3AM PDT starting time on OGN’s channel.

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Oct 30


The Walking Dead’s Clementine Keeps Her Hair Short for Season 2

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Oct 09


The Wolf Among Us Trailer

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Sep 12


AiRace Speed Brings Fast-Paced Flying to the 3DS

AiRace Speed, the newest addition to the AiRace series, will release on the Nintendo eShop on September 19th. Available for 3DS, AiRace Speed will cost, depending on one’s location, $4.99, €4,99 or £4.49.


The game will continue the series’ tradition of piloting high-speed jets through challenging races. AiRace Speed features 18 different tracks for players to race through and five futuristic jets to control. Each track contains a number of obstacles, tunnels, and other assorted features, all brought to life in 3D. Players can continue to race to reach the top of online leaderboards or unlock special achievements.

Developer Qubic Games has released this new trailer to get players pumped for the next installment of their best selling series:

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Sep 05

Natsume releases Ninja Climb on iOS and More

Natsume‘s latest game in their lineup, Ninja Climb, has been released on iOS and along came a few important news regarding other Natsume titles previously available.

Ninja Climb is a game where players take on the role of a band of ninjas and have to build towers by pilling up falling blocks and rotating them into position. The simplistic plot tells the story of ninjas that tried to sneak into a castle so they could get the treasure inside, but on their escape they were trapped in the castle’s moat. The water level begins to rise and the ninjas must build the mentioned towers to get out.

Reel Fishing Pocket fight

Ninja Climb Screenshot


Players will also have to be careful not to trap members of their band while the ninjas climb the towers being erected, as well as not letting them drown in the rising water. The ninjas also have special abilities to help them climb to the top of the tower.

As for the other Natsume game news, Reel Fishing Pocket, another of the company’s latest releases, will be getting an update that features 2 new stages, Waterfall Basin and Sunken Forest, new types of fish (such as the Northern Pike, Silver Arowana, Araipama, Nile Perch)  and missions.



There’s also a new video for Gabrielle’s Zombie Attack, available for iPhone, iPad and iPod, where players have to defend a girl named Gabrielle from zombies by throwing mandrake plants at them. If you are still unsure why plants are zombies’ worst enemy nowadays checkout the footage below.

For more on Natsume’s games check out their siteFacebook and Twitter pages. You can get the three titles now on the iTunes App Store for free by following the links embedded here for Ninja ClimbReel Fishing Pocket and Gabrielle’s Zombie Attack.

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Sep 05

Meet the Ladies of Girl Fight

A gameplay trailer for the upcoming 3D fighting game, Girl Fight, developed by Micropose, has just been released.

The game footage features 3 of the games fighters, each with her own different style of combat: Warchild, an elite soldier, Shogun, a martial artist and the brawler, Daisy.

Girl Fight is a fighting game that features an all female roster of warrior women, abducted by a corporation that wants to exploit the special Psi Powers they each have. They fight in a virtual reality environment part of their experimentation, with the arenas being built from each of the characters memoriees and thus being a part of the story telling of the character backgrounds.

Girl Fight will be available later this month for both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 as a digital download. Be aware the game has partial nudity and sexual themes so the following gameplay may be NSFW. For more information on the game check out the game’s site and Facebook page.

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