WellPlayed Productions Reveals the 32 Teams for Spring Promo Qualifiers

wellplayed tournament

With World Finals quickly showing up on the horizon, many of the pro teams are in the homerun stretch in their respective league to nab that life defining spot for a chance to compete for their country. While there’s plenty to be excited about in the professional scene, the stars of tomorrow are gearing up for a chance to join current professional teams in the LCS.




Today, WellPlayed Productions, who will be streaming the Spring Promotion Qualifiers have revealed the 32 teams that have qualified. The remaining four teams that survive the Round of 16 and 8 will be flown to PAX Prime and Gamescom respectively to finish the tournament and secure their chance to get into the Spring Split of the LCS. Along with the schedule, the following teams that have qualified are:



 August 1st: 6AM PDT

August 2nd: 6AM PDT

August 3rd: 11AM PDT

August 4th: 12PM PDT




 New World Eclipse

Curse Academy

The Swarm

Reality Check Gaming

CompLexity Academy

Game much Harder

Lyon Gaming

Team Wazabi

Infinite Odds


CompLexity Gaming

Team VEX

Team Denial


Falafel Gaming

Project Challenger





Of Intellectual Elites


TCM Gaming

Mad Gods




Tarics Gems

Tick Trick and Duck

ClanPoland HyperX


Imperium Gamers EUNE

Dafuqx is back Care





Speed Demo Archives Presents: Summer Games Done Quick

The boys and girls with the need for speed are back once again for another exciting edition of the annual summer event known as Summer Games Done Quick. Ran by Speed Demo Archives, SGDQ brings together all of Twitch’s speedrunners such as Siglemic and Cosmowright underneath one roof to speedrun some of the most well known and some obscure titles in the name of charity. Running from the 25th to the 29th, SDA will be playing for Doctors Without Borders/Medecin Sans Frontiers (MSF) an organization that works in nearly 70 countries providing medical aid to those most in need regardless of their race, religion, or political affiliation.


You can find them over on their Twitch channel live where you can find all the information you need such as the schedule and the all important donate button. The staff here wish each speedrunner the best of luck in getting the World Record or a new Personal Best for the game they play while raising money for such a fantastic charity.

ONOG Presents eBay Esports for Charity With Curse and EG


Pg6NYSeems like a lot is happening within the world of Esports as of late. With the announcement of the World Finals, the upcoming Gamescom International Wildcard tournament and the fact that the LCS summer split is already halfway done, players are certainly feeling the burn to do better and get those all important wins. Given all the upcoming events and the pressure to succeed, you’d think the players would be solely focused on making it to the World Finals.


Confirmed on Saintvicious’ stream (post rather), One Nation of Gamers and eBay will be teaming up with Curse, Evil Geniuses and Root Gaming for charity. Set up as a 1v1 tournament, players from Curse and Evil Geniuses will compete against each other, each representing their favorite charity. Throughout the event, they’ll be auctioning off keyboards, collectibles from past gaming events, mice, signed jerseys and more. The winner of the 1v1 tournament will have all funds raised be donated to the charity they chose to represent.


Along with the funds raised, eBay has offered to donate up to $5000 if we, the fans, can show them a ton of new listings and activity on their new “My Gadgets” tool. You can show support by tweeting the pros and who you think will win by using the #ebaycharitygg. The tournament will be hosted by Curse’s Saintvicious and Evil Geniuses’ Snoopeh on July 24th at 8:00 PM EDT on ONOG’s stream.  More information about the set up and which charity the players chose to represent can be found here.


Personally, I hope Voyboy wins it all as he represents St. Jude’s Children Research hospital, a hospital I had to go to often as a child growing up.



Join the Fight Today in FireFall’s Open Beta With Devs!

Hello fellow BlargNauts, if you’re a fan of the FPS genre as well as the MMO, then this post is gonna get you hyped! And if you’ve been following the development of the game by Red 5 Studios‘ Free-to-Play open world shooter, Firefall, then you’ll know that today marks the beginning of the highly anticipated first stage of open beta testing! To celebrate, the studio’s in house team, Stage 5 TV, released a live action trailer exploring the story of Firefall and offering a first-time look at the leader of the Chosen invasion. However, the fun doesn’t stop there!



Starting today at 10AM PDT and lasting until tomorrow, Red 5 Studio will be hosting FireFall Fest 2013 over on their Twitch featuring guests like SeaNanners and Day 9 who’ll be exploring the game, talking with the devs and fans as well as giving away plenty of prizes! To help fans get set up in the beta, the devs announced that new Starter Packs will be available, offering players exclusive items, progression bosots and immediate access to advanced Battleframes. You can learn more about FireFall Fest 2013, the game itself as well as how to sign up down below:

Sign up and Beta Starter Packs

FireFall Fest 2013 Schedule