Loadout! release Jan 31st!


Good news for anyone looking for an outlet for their anger! “Loadout!” is a game featuring rage-ridden characters with an overabundance of testosterone roaming the map just BEGGING for a face to cave in! You like guns? Good, you’re gonna need that. There are lots of them. Lots and lots of them. And a near limitless amount of combinations, creating a vast array of death all at your disposal!

Got a friend you’re having frequent blows with? Fire up this game and take out your frustration on their skulls with more ways to kill them than most people can even imagine.  And the weapon customization system is so incredibly diverse, that there is basically NO WAY you can’t kill someone in an over-the-top, extremely satisfying fashion!

And don’t go thinking your tank of a character is gonna be a bulky, slow moving bullet shield. This game has a HEAVY focus on mobility. They really want chaos to reign supreme in each and every multiplayer match. Think about it. You could have an army of soldiers, all equipped to the ears with chain guns, rocket launchers, lasers, and grenades.  And now all of those soldiers have 40-yd dash times that would make a Speed-fueled Olympic sprinter blush.

That, my friends, is a recipe for chaos. And a hell of a lot of fun.

Resident Evil 4 HD, yo!

Just recently released to the public’s knowledge, we have word of Resident Evil 4 Ultimate Edition up for grabs on a PC near you!  Resident Evil 4 was one of the first of the series to pull away from the straight on head-munching, Licker-stomping, Nemesis-evading fun that is now known as Resident Evil! This entry introduces “Las Plagas,” a parasite with a serious chip on its shoulder! Soon you don’t get as much of the slow, shambling corpses moving around as you do cold, calculating (fully mobile and armed) villagers just waiting to take a swing at this game’s protagonist, Leon S. Kennedy.

This Ultimate Edition release ups the frame rate to add game play that’s smoother than Yawn’s back! (Suck it, people who haven’t played the original Resident Evil games!) And what better way to enjoy such smooth splendor than add full controller support? YES PLEASE. You can go back to your original controls if you’re still not as comfortable with keyboard control. (You won’t end up staring at the ground while having a chainsaw grinding its way through your clavicle like me.) AND…..wait for it….if you pre-order this game through Steam, you get an 80 page digital art pack AND a full 62 piece soundtrack for the game!

So, if you’re a fan of mowing down(or possibly running away from, and possibly being curb-stomped by) the baddest of creatures this side of Raccoon City, pick this up and immerse yourself in a much welcome retooling of an already awesome game in the hit horror series, Resident Evil.

Now, don’t be a hard dog to keep under the porch, Barry. (And buy this game!)

"Do Wannnnnnt."
“Do Wannnnnnt.”


So I would like to say sorry for not keep thing the site active in the last couple of months with all the things going on in real life with being Aria absent for the last couple of months and me taking some of my harder classes and takeing care of the twitch channel, we are starting to ramp up production again on our end so soon we’ll start making posts again :p


Forced Wins Award and Goes Live for Steam Early Access

BetaDwarf Entertainment, the studio behind the new co-op action game Forced, has announced that Forced has won the Intel Level Up Game Demo Contest award for Best Game with 3D Graphics. In celebration for this, Forced is now live on Steam Early Access, purchasable for $11.99 or downloadable for a free demo. Players who participate in Early Access have the capability to share feedback directly with BetaDwarf Entertainment, as well as help suggest new features and improvements to the game leading up to the official launch on October 24th.


Starting August 30th, Forced will be playable at PAX Prime, in the Indie Megabooth, Booth #875, and if you would like to know more about the game, check out our earlier article on Forced, also feel free to check out the Forced Facebook page for more information and updates.